What is Performance Management?

Simply put, Performance Management is a way to:

i.) Measure peoples performance

ii.) Discuss performance with people, in a constructive way that is perceived as fair

iii.) Make the link visible between performance and compensation/benefits

iv.) Actively develop individuals and teams in order to realize their full potential

What is a structured approach to Performance Management?

The more a company grows, the more we need a simple, systematic and effective approaches that can handle opinions about people in a comprehensive, easy-to-grasp way and (of course) as objectively as possible. Here multi-rater tools can provide a very effective instrument to measure opinions and to provide a framework for discussion.

The benefits of this approach are evident, measuring opinions about behaviours:

  • Creates consistency across the group, everyone has a clear view of the definition of “performance” and “non-performance”.
  • Gives a solid framework for documenting and giving constructive feedback about improvement opportunities, as well as recognition of achievements.
  • Supports salary and bonus discussions.
  • Focuses on the individual’s contribution to the results (the ”What”) and also focuses on the
    way in which the individual is working to achieve the results, such as; being a
    team player, leadership and more (the ”How”)

In measuring performance-related behaviors consistently across the company the company’s Management Team gets a good overview of:

  • The improvement potential for individuals, as well as the company.
  • Where to launch initiatives that tackle areas that could be detrimental to the company’s performance.
  • Insights that can be used for succession planning.

Keeping it simple:

We believe in keeping things simple and as non-bureaucratic as possible. Our tool FeedbackOnline can be used in a straightforward way to measure crucial performance behaviors, the ”How”. Here you can take a look at our Leadership Questionnaire as an example. Similar tools can be added step-by-step to build a comprehensive Performance and Talent management framework that fits your client’s business.